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The human resources department is like a team of coaches. You recruit, train, guide and educate employees to build a better workplace. HR-Playbook offers ideas and answers on everything from health benefits to company culture.

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Good for employees’ mental health: telehealth therapy appointments

Many employees are experiencing telehealth therapy appointments right now because of the COVID-19 crisis, and it will remain a valid option for many even after social distancing requirements have been relaxed. Employers can do their part to encourage good mental health for their employees by encouraging them to continue therapy appointments via telehealth. Read more >

On-site clinic

Are your employees leaving work early for doctor’s appointments? Or, missing days of work because of injury or illness? On-site clinics are a way to promote productivity at your workplace by reducing the number of sick days and improving your employee’s overall health. Read more >

Virtual health care services onsite: Care My Way @ Work

You may be familiar with virtual health care services that provide flexible, convenient services with no appointments or doctor’s office visits for common health conditions. By simply calling or using a mobile app, you can talk through symptoms with a remote health care provider and receive an accurate diagnosis and treatment. Read more >

Assuming the best in your coworkers: 4 steps to positive intent

Everybody has to deal with stress in the workplace, some more than others. Whether it’s having to do more with less, or other stressful challenges, negativity can easily infect the workplace. Often that negativity can manifest in snap judgments and erroneous assumptions about coworkers, especially in tense situations. Read more >

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Employee Health Assessments

Many employers want their employees to enjoy better health and that is a great reason to offer a health risk assessment that can allow your workforce to become healthier and more productive. Read more >

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