We make sure all information about our employers is kept private and confidential and only used on a need-to-know basis.      

Notice of Privacy Practices

The Notice of Privacy Practices clearly spells out how your personal information is protected and any circumstances in which the information might be shared. Read more >

Website Privacy Statement

For information on how Security Health Plan may use and disclose your health information and how you can get access to this information, see the Security Health Plan Notice of Privacy Practices. Read more > 

Rights and Responsibilities

Security Health Plan members, have the right to be treated with fairness, dignity and respect. It is very important to us that your rights are respected. But all member in all plans, also have responsibilities for which they are accountable. Read more > 

Terms and Conditions

Security Health Plan is careful with the way that our websites are used. The terms and conditions of our website use are spelled out clearly. Read more > 

HIPAA Privacy Information

View resources to learn more about HIPAA privacy and security information. 
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