Virtual health care services onsite: Care My Way @ Work


You may be familiar with virtual health care services that provide flexible, convenient services with no appointments or doctor’s office visits for common health conditions. By simply calling or using a mobile app, you can talk through symptoms with a remote health care provider and receive an accurate diagnosis and treatment.

Care My Way @ Work is a cost-effective approach for employers who want to provide onsite health care services for their employees.

Care My Way @ Work, an at-work version of Care My Way®, is a service of Marshfield Clinic Health System. With this service, employees have a convenient and affordable way to receive care without taking sick time or leaving work early.  

Care My Way @ Work helps keep costs under control with a fixed charge that’s less than a doctor’s office visit or trip to urgent care. In addition, employees can visit Care My Way @ Work on lunch break, rather than taking off, which minimizes downtime and absenteeism.

To use Care My Way @ Work, your company will be equipped with a tablet-based system that allows video communication with a provider to diagnose and treat minor injuries and illnesses. Another small device in your toolkit will provide a stethoscope for heart and lung sounds, otoscope for examining ears, tongue depressor for the throat, an exam camera and thermometer.  All you need to do is provide a private place, such as an empty office, for employees to use Care My Way @ Work.

Care My Way @ Work also provides more care treatment services like behavioral and occupational health. A virtual care service like Care My Way @ Work can help employees receive the treatment they need, resolve any workplace conflict or prevent further injury in a timely manner.

Conditions treated by Care My Way @ Work include, but are not limited, to:

  • Bug bites
  • Canker sores
  • Constipation
  • Ear and sinus infections
  • Flu symptoms
  • Head lice
  • Heart burn
  • Mild thermal burns
  • Pink eye
  • Scabies exposure
  • Seasonal allergies
  • Strep throat

Care My Way @ Work can answer health questions and address concerns, and can help keep employees feeling their best so they can do their best work. This service is available directly, or as a component of an employer’s health insurance benefit through Security Health Plan. Contact Security Health Plan at 1-800-622-7790 or Business Health Solutions at Marshfield Clinic Health System by calling 1-800-498-5514 or visiting to learn how this innovative virtual care service can help your team.