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The Power of Employee Perks

How much do traditional and unique employee benefits matter to your staff and job seekers? Discover what in-depth studies and human resources experts reveal about perks. Read more >

Employee Burnout

Share this infographic with your HR team to learn the signs of workplace stress and employee burnout to keep your employees healthy and productive. Read more >

urgent care versus the emergency room

Urgent Care vs. Emergency Room

Avoidable trips to the emergency room can be costly for you and your employees. With urgent care facilities expanding in number and capability, now is a great time to help your team make more informed decisions about where to seek care. Read more >


Are You Ready for Gen-Z in the Workplace?

There’s a new group about to enter the workforce that will turn your thinking about younger employees on its head: Generation Z. From team roles to your benefits, here’s what organizations need to know to compete for the best upcoming talent. Read more >

Navigate Group Insurance Quotes

With the insurance market in flux, charting a course for your organization has never been more challenging. Let our new eBook guide you through to selecting an ideal group health insurance plan. Read more >

Slide Decks

Insurance 101 for new hires slide deck thumbnail

Explain the basics of health insurance

New hires tend to have a lot of questions about healthcare insurance. This presentation is designed to be used by you as an educational resource to help answer the most frequent questions of your employees during orientation and open enrollment. Read more >

Health Coach thumbnail

Communicate the value of health coaches

Quickly and easily communicate the value of health coaching services to your employees with our newest slide deck. Use our pre-populated version or download a PowerPoint file to customize with your own information. Read more >

Insurance 101 for new hires slide deck thumbnail

What You Need To Know About HDHPs

Have you recently added a high-deductible health plan to your mix of insurance offerings? We created this presentation to lay out the benefits, and areas of caution, around HDHPs for your employees. Read more >